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Anirban Das, Hindustan Times
Mumbai, July 29, 2013
As far as gangster films go, The Godfather trilogy ranks right up there along with the best in the world. And now, one of its main protagonists, the Oscar-winning actor Al Pacino (who plays Michael Corleone), has apparently praised Akshay Kumar after watching the trailer of his upcoming film. In Milan Luthria’s next, Once Upon Ay Time In Mumbai Dobaara (OUATIMD), Akshay will be seen playing a dreaded-yet-stylish don.

The Hollywood actor and his business partner Barry Navidi are believed to have been discussing gangster films when the latter showed him the trailer of OUATIMD. A source close to the film claims, “They were casually discussing the changing scenario of films when Barry mentioned OUATIMD. Al Pacino, having watched the theatrical trailer, was extremely impressed, and it got him reminiscing.” 

Navidi then apparently called Akshay, who was holidaying in New York, USA, at the time, to let him know how Pacino reacted.

According to the film’s publicists, Pacino said, “My friend Barry Navidi showed me a promo for an Indian gangster film with Akshay Kumar.  It brought some fond memories back from my Godfather days.” We couldn’t, however, independently verify this statement with Al Pacino or his officials.

Akshay, meanwhile, is thrilled. He says, “...to have your work spoken of so kindly by the world’s most admired gangster, Al Pacino himself — I had goose-bumps thinking about him watching the promo. I was so humbled, not only as an actor but as a fan of his legendary work.”