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Mallica Joshi, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, July 29, 2013
Neighbours of Karan Pandey, who was shot by the police while riding pillion, want the police to own up its ‘mistake’ and let the teen have some dignity in his death.  They rejected the police theory that Karan was part of a stunt-biking gang and wanted the cops to tender an apology to his family.

A visit to his room at his house in Khirki Extension reveals nothing alarming. The inside of a small cupboard has a few images pasted on it —mostly from the movie Rock On. There is no indication that he liked bikes, let alone stunt biking.   

“Why did they have to shoot him? It is clear that the officer on duty made a mistake. There is not point hiding it anymore. They have ruined the life of a single mother. The least they can do is not lie and let Karan have some dignity in death,” said BK Singh, a neighbour who was waiting for Karan’s mother to return from the hospital to make arrangements for the funeral.  

According to M Zaidi, Pandey’s neighbour, there is no chance that Karan was drunk.

“He was a simple boy and was not involved in any illegal activity. He did not even know how to ride a bike, let alone performing stunts on it. This is a big setback for Karan’s mother,” said Zaidi.

The mother of Puneet Sharma, who was riding the bike, also feels that boys were targeted unnecessarily. Waiting to hear about Punit’s condition at her home, which is two streets away from Karan’s, Kusumlata Sharma said her son had gone to Gurdwara Bangla Sahib.

“Puneet has told us that he and Karan were on their way to Bangla Sahib when they were surrounded by a mob of bikers. The police mistook them for the rowdy bikers and fired at them. I am not denying my son liked going out, most kids his age do, but he was not part of a rowdy gang,” said Sharma.