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July 31, 2013
The deals and discounts continue to pour in as dealers are keen on clearing inventory pile-ups. This is good news for you as the car you’ve been eyeing is now just that little bit more affordable. Have a read to find out some of the best deals and discounts we’ve found this month. 


The Jetta Comfortline petrol and all diesel manual versions get free first years’ comprehensive insurance that saves you upto Rs. 60,000, depending on the variant. All versions also get an exchange bonus that saves another Rs. 20,000 if you sell your existing car to them. 


The Q3 SUV is currently available to prospective buyers with a comprehensive discount. As per this, you can get a hefty saving of upto Rs. 3.5 lakh on the price tag of this SUV. This works out to close to 10 percent of the Q3’s asking price and makes excellent sense. The discount is only available on the diesel versions though.


Another attractive deal that caught our attention was the benefit that’s currently being offered on the BMW X1. A flat cash discount of upto Rs. 2.5 lakh is what you can be offered. Buyers will definitely appreciate the X1’s rewarding handling, punchy engine and the brilliant gearbox.


Avail of a cash benefit of upto Rs. 38,000 on the petrol Beat and upto Rs. 32,000 on the diesel version. All variants get an exchange bonus of Rs. 15,000 when you trade your old car in to the company, along with a loyalty bonus of Rs. 10,000 in case you already own a Chevy car. Also, if you work for a listed corporate company, then you can flash your ID card and get an additional discount of upto Rs. 3,000.

The Cruze can be bought with a cash discount of upto Rs. 60,000. Add to this an exchange bonus of  Rs. 15,000 if you want to trade in your existing car at the dealership. If you work for a listed corporate, you can get an additional Rs. 10,000 off.


The petrol and diesel versions of the Punto are being sold at Fiat’s new showrooms with an exchange bonus worth upto Rs. 50,000 when you sell your old car to them. A gift cheque is on offer too, which saves you Rs. 20,000. There’s also free first year’s insurance that usually costs upto Rs. 25,000, depending on the variant. It’s a good deal for what is still one of the most attractive looking small cars.


The Maruti WagonR is now available with an attractive discount of up to Rs. 42,000. Broken down, this includes a Rs. 36,000 cash discount and a corporate discount of Rs. 6,000. What’s more, there is also an exchange bonus of Rs. 20,000 in store. This offer is valid for all its models except the VXI and VXI ABS trims.


We got to know that Renault showrooms are offering a deal on the Pulse through a cash discount of up to Rs. 25,000. Additionally, there’s free insurance that would otherwise cost you upto Rs. 26,000, depending on the version. There’s more in store for you by way of the exchange bonus of Rs. 10,000, when you sell your car to the showroom and a Rs. 7,000 saving if you work for a listed corporate company.

The Fluence is also being sold with a cash discount of upto Rs. 20,000 on any variant. Also in store for buyers is free first year’s insurance that would otherwise cost up to Rs. 60,000 depending on the version. A corporate discount of Rs. 20,000 can be added to the overall saving in case you work for a listed corporate company.


Sales of the Skoda Yeti aren’t as good as they could be and in an effort to get them rolling out of showrooms, Skoda dealerships are offering a decent discount. Customers can avail of a flat cash discount of upto Rs. 1.5 lakh on this SUV, which is known for its brilliant handling and build quality. 

Get a cash discount to the tune of upto Rs. 1.5 lakh when you buy 2013 models of the Skoda Laura. The offer is valid for any of the variants that are in stock. If you haggle well, you can even get upto Rs. 3 lakh off on the 2012 diesel cars. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal.