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August 01, 2013
If summer inspires you to lace up your running shoes and hit the road, here are a few tips to stay cool when the mercury rises.

Watch the forecast: Active.com advises keeping close watch on the weather forecast a few days ahead of time and to plan accordingly. If it's guaranteed broiling heat all week, time your runs early in the mornings and pick a shady path. If it's still too hot, opt for a gym workout or a swim, or at least shorten your runs.

Stay hydrated: On hot days, drink not just after your run but throughout the day to stay well hydrated before running. Try carrying a water bottle and taking sips every five or ten minutes, or run in parks with plenty of water fountains nearby. For long runs, go out ahead of time and place a few bottles in the bushes along the trail, advises Active.com. Feel lightheaded? Head indoors and drink water right away.

Be creative with staying cool: Before your run, take a cold shower to cool your skin, or even wear a wet bandana. Also, tote along some extra water to splash on your head as you run. Or you can lower your body temperature with a nylon over-the-calf sock, advises FitSugar. Fill it with ice, tie the open end in a knot, and wear it around your neck, tucking its end into your shirt or sports bra.