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Saudamini Jain, Hindustan Times
August 03, 2013
If you look like Arunoday Singh – so tall, so strapping, shoulders as wide as the world, a face like it was chiselled out of marble – you don’t need to do much to make the ladies swoon. Yet, he dresses like the word ‘dapper’ was coined for him. We’ve seen him in a suit, in denims and topless (all over the Internet).

Like many boys from privileged backgrounds (he’s the grandson of late union minister Arjun Singh), he was once larger than life – by 15 kilos. His mum gave him one tip: No stripes. Ever! “They make you look like a giant,” she said. The actor has since stuck to solids. And lost that extra fat. Gentlemen, listen to him – he gives great advice! You’ll be Lothario in no time! 

A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do. But there are some things that a man’s really got to do
Take a lot of showers. (I use good ol’ Pears. It smells great).
Control the cologne. More soap, less cologne.
Shave or at least trim your beard.
Clip your nails.
There is no real excuse for looking shabby.
Think about what you wear. Deep down inside, you know what looks good on you.
Buy more than one tie.
Invest in cuff links.
Own a dark blue suit. You can wear it at any time of the day.
Drink a lot of water.
Yoga works. (That’s all I do to stay fit now).
Read. Often. Imbibe it all. Get smarter, talk smarter.


Clothes that always work
Jeans and T-shirt. They always work. This [he points to himself – look at photo above] is how I usually dress to work, to a date, or to a party…

But if you’d like to dress up
Buy as many vests as you can. They make all clothes look great.

Great men always wear great shirts
Get shirts tailored. Don’t buy them off the rack.

You need three kinds of shoes
Regular black shoes, brogues and running shoes.

If I didn’t look like I do
If I was short: I would wear only darker solids.
If I was fat: I would not wear stripes, no polka dots. And I’d hit the gym!
If I was lanky: That’s the best kind of body. I would never have to worry about what to wear. Everything looks so good on people who’re lanky! Except very large clothes... Why do they do that?
If I were a woman: I’d wear one of those nice, long flowing skirts. Or a sari.

Two lessons from life
#1 It’s good to be Google-able
[The top google result for Arunoday Singh is ‘Arunoday Singh topless’]
There’s more to me than my chest! I have a ferocious mind. I’m good at my job and I’m articulate [He is, very.]. But well, it’s better than having no Google search results.
#2 It’s great to be strong
I worked as a bouncer in New York. It was great money – $300-400 a night. So, was bouncing at these clubs the best part? I met Gisele Bündchen! Another time, I served Al Pacino a drink at the VIP section. [Lots of bouncing jokes in our heads!

How to choose the right manbag?
Unless you’re metrosexual. And then, you need a lot of things to fill it with!

Pssst… Watch him next in Ek Bura Aadmi. As usual, he plays a bad guy. Not so usual, he plays a bad boy from Uttar Pradesh in a film about power politics in the hinterland.

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