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Orin Basu
Kolkata, August 06, 2013
Careless criminals being caught on account of clues left on their cellular phones are by now a commonplace occurrence. But in a bizarre incident, a thief who sent a Facebook friend request to one of his victims from 2,000 km away was arrested in the city on Friday after the cops tracked down his IP address.

Mumbai Police, on Friday, arrested twenty-five old Behala resident Suvabrata Sanyal, who stands accused of robbing a former employer’s apartment in Mumbai’s Santa Cruz in April.

The cops only managed to zero in on Sanyal after he sent a friend request on Facebook to the owner of the flat to make fun of the helpless victim.

The victim, Deepak Raut, promptly informed the police, and they began tracking Sanyal, who escaped with money and valuables worth Rs. 25 lakh from his employer’s home on April 30, after spiked the family’s food with sedatives.

The Behala resident fled to Kolkata and, over the intervening months, grew increasingly confident that the police would not be able to catch him. On July 24, Sanyal sent friend requests to Raut, 70, his wife Amrita, 65, and their children. Sanyal is a regular on Facebook and updates his profile regularly.

“A joint team of Mumbai and local police tracked Sanyal down and raided the house in Behala where he was hiding.

Mumbai Police took him into their custody on Friday,” Subrata Maitra, DCP (south-west), told Hindustan Times.

Police sources said Sanyal had been on the run since April 30, the day of the robbery.

He spent a few days with his uncle in Bhubaneshwar and then stayed with some of his friends in different areas of Kolkata.