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Vaishali Bhambri, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, August 13, 2013
Artists in the city are experimenting with different media, and one such artist is Nishat Rehman, who prefers to call herself just a traveller. She has painted her travel experiences to different parts of India on her two-wheeler, which has resulted in an interesting, creative riot of colours.

From Kashmir to Tamil Nadu, Rehman’s creation is her own interpretation of India’s colourful culture. “Photography takes me places and being a painter, I wanted to document my travel experiences. It was then that the idea of painting my own scooty struck me as it travels with me most of the time,” says the artist who has recently completed her masters in Visual Communication from Delhi University’s College of Art.

On her unique canvas, there’s the houseboat and picturesque sceneries from Kashmir, puppets from Rajasthan, Bihar’s Reclining Buddha, a Kathakali dancer from Kerala and of course a young urban Delhi girl on the front. “That’s me! I am a true-blue Delhiite. I am also planning to paint a little Delhi auto-rickshaw on it too,” she shares. Interestingly, she has also painted a backpack on the vehicle. “A backpack is almost synonymous to travel. So I thought of painting it too,” she shares.

The vehicle carries Rehman’s travel impressions since her childhood days to most recent ones. “Most of the stuff from South India are my memories from my childhood days. I would have been 14 then,” she says. And the results didn’t come easy. It took her about 15 days, nights included, to paint the vehicle. “I used to work for 18 hours sometimes. Since I painted it alone, it was more time consuming,” she says.

She has travelled on the city roads on the scooty and it has turned quite a few heads. “As the vehicle stopped on the traffic signal, I could see curious passers-by stop and look at it,” she says. Rehman now plans to exhibit the vehicle as an installation.