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Faizan Haidar, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, August 13, 2013
To add more teeth to its security apparatus, Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI) has put a bunch of technologically advanced door-frame metal detectors on its wish-list of gadgets.
The new detectors can conduct a head-to-toe scan of a person besides having eight metal detection points at different places on the door.

The Bureau for Civil Aviation Security has already issued a circular and asked airport to install these new scanners. The current door-frame metal detectors installed at the airport currently have only a 4-6 zone detection system. The new detectors score over their predecessors as they can be upgraded for multi-zone detection.

“With multi-zone detectors, the machine will be able to tell  on which side of the body the metal is being carried. There have been instances when people have concealed metal inside their bodies. The new detectors will help scan such metals,” said a senior BCAS official.

The new door-frame metal detectors are part of the security plan being implemented at the airport. Before walking through the detectors, a passenger will have to remove all objects that contain metal. “This will minimize the job of security personnel manually frisking the passengers,” the official added.