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Dibyojyoti Baksi, Hindustan Times
Mumbai, August 17, 2013
Shah Rukh Khan’s recent Eid release became the fastest Rs. 100 crore grosser in Bollywood. Although the rate at which Chennai Express’s collections came in did take the trade by surprise, SRK was sure about his popularity in India.

Until Thursday, August 15, the film made Rs. 156.7 cr nett in India and Rs. 53 cr gross from the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and the Gulf countries. The global success of the film has left him speechless. “I am quite amazed,” he says, adding, “It’s not just places in India — like Bihar or Mumbai or other places where I (usually) get a good reaction from the audience in the movie theatres. (I’ve got reactions) from Mauritius to Montana (USA). When you get calls from America, London, South Africa and Peru… it’s quite cool.”

The Rohit Shetty film, also featuring Deepika Padukone made headlines for being released in nine languages, in addition to Hindi.

Shah Rukh adds, “I am surprised by a lot of the overseas reactions, to be honest. Overseas (audiences) normally tend to like basic love stories, or that is what everyone thought. So I am quite amazed. I am now very confident about the film."