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Imtiaz Ahmad, Hindustan Times
Islamabad, August 18, 2013
The overwhelming success of the Indian movie Chennai Express, has affected three Pakistani movies at the box office. Patrons turned out in record numbers to watch Chennai Express which left other theaters where two Pakistani movies premiered over Eid empty.

Ishq-e-Khuda, a Punjabi love story, and Josh, are both struggling with sales as most of the cinema going public is seeing Chennai Express, which cinema owners say is doing roaring business all over the country.

Nadir Minhas, a cinema owner, said that the public always prefers good films over bad. “The Pakistani movies are not as good as Chennai Express. It is no surprise that these movies are not doing well.”

Some local producers like Syed Noor insist that the only way to save Pakistani cinema is to ban Indian movies. Indian movies were banned in Pakistan for almost thirty years and the ban was lifted in 2006 by the government of General Musharraf.

Film exhibitor Nadeem Mandviwala insists that Indian films draw larger crowds because of their superior production and story-line. “But also because Pakistanis would prefer an Indian movie over a Western one,” he added.

More importantly, Minhas said that film Josh had the potential to be as successful as Bol but due to a shortage in the marketing budget, they missed out on a major chunk of the market.

The poor showing of Pakistani movies have forced the distributors of another movie ‘Main Hoon Shahid Afridi’ to be delayed till September.