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Jatinder Kohli, Hindustan Times
NAWANSHAHR, August 18, 2013
As many as 17 people were admitted into hospital amid reports of diarrhoea outbreak possibly due to consumption of contaminated water infecting residents of Ravidass Mohalla in Majara Jattan village.
A team of health officials including district health officer (DHO) Dr Garja Singh and senior medical officer Dr Sunil Pathak rushed to the village on Sunday to monitor the situation and make medical arrangements to curb the disease.

The doctors said the situation was under control but the numbers of patients suffering from vomit, fever and irritable bowels were reported. The health department has already distributed 3,000 chlorine tablets and 200 packets of ORS to the locals to prevent further spread of the disease in a medical camp.

The DHO said, "Till now 17 persons were admitted to Balachaur Civil Hospital and around 140 people were given medicines after they were found suffering from fever in a medical camp on Sunday."

He also said a team of doctors diagnosed patients in a medical camp in Paniyali Kalan village. "It was found that infected drinking water caused outbreak of diarrhoea. The department has also taken four water samples of Ravidass Mohalla which will be sent to state level laboratory. The medical team will also visit Nangal, Tajowal, Raipur and Paniyali Kalan villages and start a house to house survey," added the DHO.  The villagers have been asked to drink boiled water. Residents of Majara Jattan village which has a population of more than 2000 claimed that water pipes were damaged due to construction work of road which forced them to drink impure water as district administration gave no attention in repairing pipes.

The villagers had been reportedly complaining vomit and pain, but noone took serious note of their ill health. Balachaur SDM Nayan Jassal said, "Initially it was difficult to ascertain reason behind the outbreak of the disease. I will make an inquiry on Monday into the matter."