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Press Trust Of India
Panaji, August 19, 2013
Goa chief minister ManoharParrikar today said he has been projected as a "villain" by some people though he takes the label as a compliment. "They are projecting me as a Hitler or as a villain. But I am not bothered. I am taking it as a compliment," Parrikar said during a function organised in Panaji by photo journalists association of Goa.

The chief minister said that "whoever called Hitler bad did not survive, but people have been calling me Hitler time and again."

Parrikar has been facing criticism through Tiatre, a popular drama form in the state.

The chief minister said that he has preferred to ignore such criticism respecting the freedom of speech. Goa government's policies have been taking a hit recently with chief minister back-tracking on his assurance of not allowing any more off shore casinos in the state when he permitted Delta Corp Limited's Horseshoe Casino to operate in Mandovi river.

State's main opposition Congress party during recent press conferences termed Parrikar as "U turn chief minister", claiming that the BJP-led government had failed to keep up the promises made during its election manifesto.