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August 20, 2013
First seen in a prototype at the Geneva motor show earlier this year, the ZF-supplied nine-speed gearbox is now a production reality and will be fitted to the Land Rover -made Evoque’s one petrol and two diesel engines as standard. Land Rover claims fuel economy is improved by up to 11.4 per cent and CO2 emissions by up to 9.5 percent in some models.Another new feature for the 2014 Evoque is an optional Active Driveline ‘on demand’ four-wheel drive system. In steady driving conditions above 35kph, all-wheel-drive Evoques switch to front-drive mode to improve fuel economy. The system automatically returns to four-wheel drive in 300 milliseconds should conditions demand it.

Active Driveline also includes an Active Torque Biasing feature that has an electronic differential (called e-Diff) to split torque between the rear wheels, improving traction and stability.Torque Vectoring by Braking is another new feature for the four-wheel drive system and it’s standard, rather than part of the optional Active Driveline. This feature boosts agility and safety by splitting torque between all four wheels to counter understeer.Other new features for the revised Evoque include various parking assist, lane departure and traffic sign recognition systems, and a wade sensor. 

There are minor detail changes to the exterior, such as new badges and new alloy wheel options, and extra colour choices inside.