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Satyajit Joshi, Hindustan Times
Pune, August 21, 2013
Even as the last rites of Dr Narendra Dabholkar were performed in Satara late on Tuesday, his son Hameed, also a doctor, resolved to continue on the path of rationalism. How do you plan to carry forward thoughts and movements of your father?
It is the responsibility of all the people in Maharashtra. Particularly, that of the Maharashtra Andhshraddha Nirmulan Samiti and the Sadhana Trust. Scientific approach and rationalism should be the top agenda for everybody.

Will you play some role in the movement now?
As I said it is the responsibility of all the people, which includes me. I will carry out any responsibility as a member of the group, which will continue my father’s movement.

What are your views on the increasing intolerance in society, particularly in Maharashtra?
This is all because of the ghost of religious fanaticism. The current atmosphere in Maharashtra is a matter of concern. There is absolute lack of tolerance to others’ views.

My father was never against any religion or the concept of god. Human values, like compassion, reasoning and rationalism, have to be inculcated among people. This is the biggest challenge before Maharashtra. People must understand religion in its true spirit.