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Prashant Singh, Hindustan Times
Mumbai, August 23, 2013
Remember the stunt Aamir Khan managed to pull off before the release of 3 Idiots (2009), when he went on a pan-India tour in disguise? While other celebs find it difficult to shy away from the limelight, Aamir seems to be able to slip under the radar with ease.

The superstar has managed to don the invisibility cloak again. This time, he has taken off for Australia without anyone having a whiff of what his purpose is.

All that anyone can tell you is that Aamir left the country — sans family — around 10 days back. “Aamir has surprised everyone with his secret trip. It has something to do with Dhoom:3, though he definitely isn’t shooting in Australia for this film, or for any other project. The only ones who seem to know why he’s there are Kiran (Rao; wife) and Adi (Aditya Chopra; filmmaker and friend),” says an industry insider.

The source further informs that Aamir has finished shooting for Dhoom:3, and that the film is presently in the post-production stage.

Meanwhile, the actor has gone virtually incommunicado, leaving anyone who’s been trying to reach him somewhat puzzled.

So while Aamir couldn’t, as expected, be reached for a comment, his spokesperson says, “Yes, he isn’t in the country right now. But we aren’t aware of the purpose of his visit to Australia.” There have been no updates from Aamir on his Facebook or Twitter accounts, or on his official website. The last entry on his Facebook page, in fact, was on August 14, which was when he shared the Dhoom:3 teaser poster.