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HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times
August 23, 2013
Police in Karnataka have taken up a unique initiative to curb the menace of eve teasers and persons who indulge in sexual violence against women or teenage girls.
  The Karnataka police have decided to open a rowdy sheet against such offenders and have issued standing instructions to the Bengaluru police commissioner and other district Superintendents of Police in this regard.

The experiences of rapes in the National Law School University of India (NLSUI) in Bangalore and rape on a medical student in the city of Manipal in the coastal district Udupi have made the police bring a systemic change in curbing the menace.

The mode of sending obscene messages through cyber tools including SMSs, emails and sexual violence against women which attract cyber crime cases, will also attract to open rowdy sheet against such accused persons.

Additional Director General of Police (ADGP) MN Reddy told HT that the police have decided to take stringent action against such persons who indulge in sexual violence against women. “Passing indecent remarks at women and school and college students (girls) attract the police action. Our law says that incidents of eve-teasing, molestation etc are on the rice. It is often noticed that elements who indulge in indecent behaviour towards woman and girls, when unchecked become emboldened and tend to indulge in graver crimes like molestation and rape,” Reddy said.

He also said that mainly teenage girls (students or employees of various companies) are victims of such activities in public places like bus stops, markets and even while commuting in public transports. “”We can’t neglect these activities and I have asked my officers to initiate action against those persons and they shall submit monthly report to me about the action taken by them in controlling such activities,” MN Reddy added.

Persons sending obscene messages through mobile phone and emails will also be entered into the rowdy sheets, he said.

Categories of Rowdy Sheets

C- rowdy sheet: If a person indulges in eve teasing or passes indecent remarks, his name will be entered in the ``C” rowdy sheet immediately.  This budding criminal may be kept under watch and thus effective surveillance shall be mounted through beat constables/ informants.   This also attracts a one year jail term.

B or A- Rowdy sheet: As and when a rowdy’s activities become frequent, two or three instances are reported, then his name shall be transferred from C to A sheet, if he is a local and C to B sheet if he is a non-local. This attracts a two year jail term.

If during the review of the cases/ petty cases of the last 5 years, it is noticed that there are ample instances of rowdiness against any person, then his name shall be directly put into in A or B list. This attracts his prohibition from jurisdiction.

If the person continues the same, he will be booked under the Goonda Act.