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Durga M Sengupta, Hindustantimes.com
New Delhi, August 24, 2013
Kanye West and his baby North West's grandmother Kris Jenner revealed the two-month old baby's first picture on her new show Kris during a heart-warming conversation. The baby's mother Kim Kardashian, however, was missing.
Kim-Kanye have been very secretive about baby North's pictures. The couple, after having rejected million dollar offers (including a $3m deal) to share the little one's pics have done the Kardashian matriarch a big favour for her TRP ratings.

After much noise about the baby's "One Direction" name, tweeple have now gone all out about North West herself.

World, hold on: Baby North West's picture on Kris

Here're some tweets that caught our eye.

Sandra @sandra_davids
That photo of baby North West is adorable! She has Kanye's eyes and Kim's instagram filter"

Cherry @ReddSoThick
Make fun of Kim and Kayne's baby North West all you want. That baby is headed straight to the top… and slightly to the left.

Others have taken to baby-bashing or baby-lovin'.

Abernathy Ramon
@Abernathyjune Baby north west! Kim's eyes and Kanyes cheeks?? so adorable!

@CrewSelenag Omg im sorry kimmie but North West is so ugly, poor baby!

@B4DQU33N north west is one ugly little one lol

Asia Kendrick-Horton
@asieybarbie North West is coote.

Vanessa Garcia
@thuggnessa Baby North West looks so much like Kanye, which means the child is ugly lol. Poor baby was cursed.

@Sammy_Laine north west is such an ugly baby #sorrynotsorry

@TRiNAiNMANiLA #DesperateTextHours You seen North West pic yet? our babies gon look better .

Kanye himself plays quite the 'cool daddy' on the show. Talking about his relationship with Kim, he says, "(people) could say, 'Everyone knows you don't like paparazzi. Why would you be with this person?' And I say, 'I'm being with this person because I love this person and she's worth it to me.'"

Calling his baby's mom his "joy" Kanye goes all out when he says, "Now I have two really special people to live for, a whole family to live for, a whole world to live for."


The social media is already abuzz drawing comparisons between baby North West and Beyonce-Jay Z baby Blue Ivy. This one made us laugh.

@SheScreamsJared tweets: North West and Blue Ivy already goin at it

While a certain amount of comic competition might be healthy, we thought this one was in bad taste. Not the mixtape songs, those are funny. It's the sexualised images that got us worried.

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