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Chetna Dua , Hindustan Times
New Delhi , August 26, 2013
How would you feel if a stranger could read all your thoughts aloud, including the name of your first love? That’s exactly what happened when international mentalist Lior Suchard performed in the city recently. Having left the audience around the world, including celebs such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Zac Efron and Gerard Butler, spellbound, Suchard said that he loves performing in India because of it’s spiritual connect.

“The people here are more connected to their intuition. They have a great reaction to whatever I do,” says the supernatural entertainer from Israel, who performed at Kingdom of Dreams, Gurgaon last week.

The audience was left zapped as he continued to reveal their closely guarded secret thoughts, predict the word a girl would choose from a hoard of newspapers, and even a number a skeptic had thought in his mind!

“All of us are thinking and transmitting ideas into the universe most of the time. What a mentalist does is capture these thoughts,” he explained, after leaving the audience mesmerised for 90 minutes. “It’s all very scientific. I’m not spiritual. I do not use any mantras, nor do I talk to ghosts of the dead, tell the future or healing people. There’s no hogwash at all. So people are not scared. They are definitely in awe but also have a good laugh about it after the act,” he shares.

A tip for enthusiasts
from our side: If you are wearing glasses, be careful when you meet the mentalist as he might just turn them around on the table or bend a spoon or two from your lunch box just by looking at it, as he did when we went to meet him!