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Peerzada Ashiq, Hindustan Times
Srinagar, August 27, 2013
Vehicles fitted with red beacons atop will no more be a free licence to bypass the commoners in Kashmir Valley. The police have come up with 47 categories - from political class to executive to judiciary -- who can use beacons as privilege.
"We are starting a drive to check misuse of beacons. It will be to strictly implement the Supreme Court directions regarding the same," Srinagar senior superintendent of police (SSP) Haseeb-ur-Rehmaan told the Hindustan Times.

Sources said vehicles, whose number runs into thousands, are on streets of Kashmir and misusing beacons either to make easy way through the traffic or to easily bypass security restrictions.

To stop misuse of beacons, the traffic police have started a special drive from this week. "The drive will continue till red beacons are removed from all vehicles, which are not authorised to use the same. We have been receiving complaints of misuse of these lights," said Rehmaan.

The traffic police have divided the beacons into three categories: red, blue and amber. The red beacons can be used from the governor to chief minister and down to principal accountants general. Around 44 categories can use red beacons.

Blue beacons have been designated for police, ambulance and escort vehicles only, while amber beacons will be only used by the airport vehicles.