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Agence France-Presse
August 28, 2013
Korean firm Nexon and "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory" developer Splash Damage are combining efforts for "Extraction," a free to play, anti-terrorist action game based in London.

Fresh from making the upcoming "Batman: Arkham Origins" multiplayer mode, Splash Damage's "Extraction" sports a free to play nature that mimics 2003 release "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory."

It's also an evolution of the previously announced "Dirty Bomb," a project whose visual style was connected with the caricatured team-based multiplayer "Brink," and one which not only incorporated London's architectural feel but lifted famous landmarks from the UK capital as well.

Games like "Team Fortress" and "Battlefield 1942" were contemporaries of "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory," and just as in modern counterparts "Team Fortress 2" and "Battlefield 4," players of "Extraction" will pick from a selection of mercenaries, hurling bullets and medical packs at each other, seeking to thwart the opposition team's objective while completing their own.