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Columbia (South Carolina) , August 28, 2013
Indian-American South Carolina governor Nikki Haley has said that she is keen on working with Indian private sector to help set up manufacturing facilities in her home state.
Haley said India had made great strides in manufacturing and technology and she would welcome Indian industrialists to set up facilities that would help create more jobs in her state.

"I am in touch with Indian ambassador to the US Nirupama Rao in this connection and hopefully very soon something would turn out," she told PTI here.

Haley, who is seeking another term as governor, encouraged fellow Indian-Americans to run for elected office in large numbers to make a better America and give it back to the nation that helped shaped their destiny.

The contribution of Indian-Americans in the field of medicine, law, academics, science and technology was phenomenal and now its time for them to serve the nation entering politics, she added.

"We have to see how much our parents have sacrificed in this country and how much our parents went through in the formative years. Its only our generation could push beyond what they did and make our voices heard as well in the right corridors of power," she said.

She also lauded Indian-Americans for running in elections in different states at different levels.

She was born in?Bamberg, South Carolina, to an Indian Sikh family who immigrated from Amritsar.

Haley is the first woman to serve as governor of South Carolina. At the age of 41, Haley is the youngest current governor in the United States.

She is one of two sitting Indian-American governors in the US, the other being Republican Bobby Jindal of Louisiana.

She is also one of the national Republican Party's most promising rising stars.