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Agence France-Presse
August 29, 2013
The South Korean company has sent its latest flagship phone into space to test its camera and promote its upcoming global rollout.

The video, posted this week, captures a phone's eye view of an ascent into the stratosphere as well as its descent back down to Earth with a thud. Devised as much to demonstrate the LG G2's ruggedness as well as the video performance of its in-built 13MP OIS camera, the stunt is part of a wider campaign ahead of the device's global rollout which starts in the US on September 13.

A well put-together and rather elegant phone, the G2's big gimmick is that it has control buttons on its rear casing so that despite its large screen size -- 5.2-inches -- it can be used single-handedly.

LG claims that the video is a world-first and that it is made up entirely of raw footage captured by the device and no special effects or trickery were used to alter the images.