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Mohamed Thaver , Hindustan Times
Mumbai, August 30, 2013
Stepping up its action against drug addicts in Mumbai, the Mumbai police have arrested at least 400 people in the past two days. The action comes after it was found that the five men accused of raping a photojournalist in the Shakti Mill compound last week were druggies and used the abandoned mill premises to carry out their activities.

“We have been conducting drives against those indulging in drugs,” said Sadanand Date, joint commissioner of police, law and order. He, however, refused to elaborate further on the crackdown.

According to a senior police officer, soon after the August 22 incident, squads from the local police station were asked to go to isolated spots in their jurisdiction and ensure such elements were taken off the streets.

“Action by these squads has led to so many arrests,” he said.

Kishore Jadhav, deputy commissioner of police, anti-narcotics cell, said after the local police’s drive, they would also take action to put an end to the nuisance that drug addicts cause.

However, the sudden action has put additional pressure on the already overcrowded Arthur Road jail, where the drug addicts are being taken.

“Apart from the fact that we don’t have enough space, we are having a difficult time controlling this lot as some of those arrested have severe drug addiction,” said a senior jail official, adding, “As they don’t have access to drugs, they start getting violent. Some hit their heads against the wall, while some try to harm themselves.

As a result of the sudden increase in the number of prisoners, things inside the jail premises have become very chaotic.”