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Kavita Awaasthi, Hindustan Times
Mumbai, August 30, 2013
Being politically correct is a skill celebrities naturally possess. Unless you’re Salman Khan. The man can be funny and witty when he wants to be. And if Karan Johar hadn’t known that, he sure does now. 

Earlier this week, on the sets of a reality show where Karan is one of the judges, Salman’s comments — though made in a light vein — left a lot to read between the lines. In a bid to promote his own upcoming show, Salman asked the judges to make a confession.

Karan said, “I was a good kid. I don’t have anything to confess.” Salman followed it up, saying, “Karan’s one of the most talented directors the country has today. We used to kid each other saying we were best friends; today, that’s actually true."

When Karan asked “What are the perks of this friendship?” Salman replied, “I’m not the friend with the perks. I always asked you to do a movie with me; now you want me to do a movie with you. God knows who you were scared of earlier.” Salman then saved the day by saying, “Not that I won’t do it; I need time now, since my dates are booked.” Karan could only laugh about the whole thing.

And if it wasn’t obvious who Salman was referring to his greeting to Karan — “K-K-K-Karan, how are you?” — made it amply clear.