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Neelam Pandey, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, September 06, 2013
Ahead of the Assembly elections, the Delhi government is looking to explore all possible options to connect with Delhiites, especially the youth.

After using posters and hoardings, the government has made a short film highlighting the achievements of the government. The film will be played in cinemas across the city frequented most by young men and women.

The short film, which lasts for 90 seconds, will be played twice in a single show starting from Friday.

“The film is meant to highlight the projects of the government, especially those directly connected with the people. It has been named Tarakki Dikhi, Tarakki Mili (Development which is visible and development witnessed by the people). The idea is to chart out the progress made by the Congress in the past 15 years in the city,” said a senior Delhi government official.

According to the officials, the short film is one of the most suitable forms of campaigning to reach out to the masses.

“People might miss out on the hoardings or the posters but anyone who is watching the movie will definitely see the short film. This will continue for a period of two weeks,” added the official.