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Zakir Hussain , Hindustan Times
Ajmer, September 08, 2013
Muslim clerics, educationists and activists dismissed the BJP’s claim that a large number of Muslims would attend Narendra Modi’s September 10 rally in Jaipur. “What is the sanctity of a statement, if not issued by a Mufti, Qari, Hafiz, or Imam on behalf of Ajmer clerics?” asked Mufti Sayed Amir Hussain.

Ajmer’s Muslim intelligentsia came out against the BJP’s claim of Muslim support for Modi.

“They have deceitfully used the word ‘Muslim clerics of Ajmer sharif’ to attract Muslims from other parts of the state,” said Arif Hussain, a social activist.

The BJP’s direction to its minority cell to ensure that all Muslims wear skull caps or burqas at the Jaipur rally also attracted criticism.