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Neha Arora, Hindustan Times
Jalandhar, September 12, 2013
The Dr BR Ambedkar National Institute of Technology (NIT) has introduced "slow pace programme" that will allow academically poor students to complete bachelors degree in technology course in eight years instead of current time limit of six years. The limit for the engineering programme would be further extended to two years for benefitting such students, who fail to timely clear their supplementary exams to bag requisite credits.

Speaking to Hindustan Times here, SK Das, NIT director, said that the programme would result in identification of academically poor students based on their performance in exams in first two years.

"Currently, if a student fails to get 25 out of 46 credits in first year, he or she is promoted to second year. If the students again fail to fetch a total of 75 credits (including those obtained by clearing supplementary exams) at the end of the second year, they are not being promoted to fifth semester," he said, adding that the students were currently entitled to clear their supplementary exams within six years of their admission.

Prof AS Ghosh, dean faculty, added that under slow pace programme, such students would be allowed to enter the next semester as they would cover the supplementary exams in summer's vacations and they would continue to be upgraded to next level despite their failure to fetch requisite credits.

"From fifth to eighth semester, such students will be allowed to choose two theory subjects, according to their academic capability, from amongst total number of available subjects for every semester. This will lessen academic burden on them. Rest of the subjects can be taken up and cleared later on," Das said.

"Since students will be undertaking two to three subjects less than regular students syllabus of six subjects per semester, it is in principle decided to increase duration of the B Tech course to eight years so that remaining subjects can be taken up and cleared," he said.

Ghosh said that the students would cover two subjects in summer vacations and one in winter vacations.

On the detailed marks cards of such students, the year in which they have cleared the course would be mentioned to differentiate the same from 'regular' course.

"The programme will help weaker students to complete their degree in extra time than the regular ones", Das said, adding that the NIT, Hamirpur pattern was being followed in this regard while a few IITs are already running the same.