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HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times
Muzaffarnagar, September 12, 2013
In troubled times like these, moments of celebrations are hard to come by. But inmates of a relief camp in Shahpur, where hundreds have taken shelter in wake of the Muzaffarnagar violence, got several such occasions in the last two days. As many as nine women gave birth to their babies on Tuesday and Wednesday at the camp situated at Islamabad locality of Shahpur, 20-km away from Muzaffarnagar, thereby turning the tense atmosphere into a joyous one.

“These happenings are nothing short of godsend at a time when we are haunted by the horrific memories of the recent past and are staring at an uncertain future. The cries of the newborns helped us in forgetting our pain, albeit for a few moments,” said a camp inmate.

In all, five boys and four girls were born in the camp. Camp organisers are helping the new parents in looking after their infants.

Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) leader Wakila, who is taking care of the needs of the children and their mothers, said, “Since we could not go find a doctor during the curfew, we were helped by other women in the camp. An elderly woman called Hajara, who lives nearby and has worked as a midwife before, offered her services.”

Besides, Dr Abbas and Dr Zubair, who practice alternative medicines, provided free medicines required at the time of childbirth.

The women who were blessed with newborns include Tahira, Tabboo, Gulistan, Aashima, Khursheeda, Shajana, Ayesha, Shabana and Shama. All of them belong to Kutba-Kutbi and Kakra villages and want to go back to their homes provided the government provides security.

Khursheeda said, “How nice it would have been if these children had taken birth in a joyous atmosphere. Nevertheless, we are happy as they have renewed our enthusiasm for life.”