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Serena Menon , Hindustan Times
Mumbai, September 13, 2013
Bandra’s soft corner for hole-in-the-wall eateries is soon going to run out of space (pun intended) at this rate. The latest, Pastaa Bastta, stands out because unlike others around it, it has no inside area (or an AC section). As a result, the outside area adds to the illusion of space that this city swears by.

We started with their Caesar Salad (`190; all prices here are inclusive of taxes). Be generous with the dressing before digging in and watch the salad vanish. The limited portion, unfortunately, works only as a snack.

We ordered their special preparation for the day, Spaghetti with Wild Mushroom Sauce (`205) next, which was a bit disappointing. The flavour was close to absent, and the sauce’s texture made it trickle to the bottom, leaving the top feeling bland. The Pasta Carbonara (`210) was the winner, but not without a hurdle, as the pasta was clearly undercooked. We even asked the chef whether that was intentional, although we’re pretty sure that pasta al dente is firm, not hard. Our order, however, was instantly replaced.

The second serving (the pasta was not vastly different) was easier on the teeth and exploding with taste. Bacon and cheese lovers must give this one a try. Although the food was presented well in neatly packaged takeaway cases, the (pasta) boxes for some reason, aren’t microwave-friendly, defeating part of the purpose.

With a little fine-tuning, Pastaa Bastta can become an even happier addition to the circuit. We reckon we will be going back, to try their other creations; some of which — Ragu Alla Bolognese (`180; minced lamb, tomatoes), Asparagi Alla Panna Con Salmon (`250; asparagus cream, smoked salmon) — sound enticing.

(HT Café reviews anonymously and pays for its meals.)

What: Pastaa Bastta
Where: Off Carter Road, Gagangiri Apts, Shop No. 10, Khar (W)
Call: 88799 96548
What’s on the menu: Pasta, salads
Drinking: No
Smoking: No

At a glance...
Casual, al fresco dining area

Food quality

Not needed

Very polite

Meal for two
`600 without alcohol