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Aseem Bassi , Hindustan Times
Amritsar, September 13, 2013
Saying he would again hit back, if deputy chief minister Sukhbir Singh Badal said anything about his projects, local MP Navjot Singh added that he was not rebellious but to question the government on behalf of Amritsar was his democratic right.
Sidhu, who had taken on Sukhbir recently by terming his announcements for Amritsar "lollipop", said here on Friday: "Isn't it my right to question elder brother (Sukhbir)? I am not rebellious; I am the representative of 15-lakh people and it is my right to question the government. If Sukhbir Bhaaji says something again on this issue, I will give a suitable reply again."

Reacting to Sidhu's earlier statements, Sukhbir had called some of his projects "small". Whatever had happened in past few days was is in the notice of the Bharatiya Janata Party high command, said the BJP parliamentarian, adding: "I have met every senior leader of the party and they are aware, although I cannot discuss this with the media."

The MP, however, said he had respect for the alliance (with the Shiromani Akali Dal). "I campaigned in numerous rallies of the alliance with clean intent, and never tried to damage anybody's interest," said Sidhu, adding: "Today also if I am raising a voice, it's for the people of this city," he said.

The MP has returned to Amritsar to meet party workers. "I will address the media on Saturday, roll out my agenda, question the government on various things, and speak for the people of Amritsar," he said. He wants written record of the talks with the government on Amritsar's issues.

Sidhu is yet to clear whether or not he will contest the coming Lok Sabha elections. "Contesting or not is not the issue, he said. "It is for the party to see. Certain people want me out of here (Amritsar) but I want to tell them I am not going anywhere. I am here to stay and already building a big house in the city."

The MP alleged that the state government had scuttled his projects said now these announcements seem for the 2017 Vidhan Sabha elections. "What is happening for the 2014 contest in Amritsar?" he said, adding this has not happened for the first time, and was usual around the time of his election.

Sidhu, who had remained absent from the constituency for almost a year, returned on September 4, and put the onus on the state government. Since then, there is a tussle between the MP and the state government. His split with the local BJP leadership is so wide that when Sidhu termed Sukhbir's promises "lollipop", few BJP leaders thanked the deputy CM for development in Amritsar.

On Friday, Sidhu had several meetings with the party workers. He is likely to go to the party office on Saturday.