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Ketaki Ghoghe, Hindustan Times
Mumbai, September 17, 2013
Just days before NCP chief Sharad Pawar passed acerbic remarks against the slow decision-making in the state, BJP’s former state president Nitin Gadkari made complaints about the non-appointment of members to various statutory commissions in a letter to Pawar. Gadkari, in his letter dated September 3, complained that the post of chairman and members of various statutory commissions in the state had been vacant for years.

The BJP leader pointed out that nearly 12,768 complaints were pending before various commissions, a majority before the state human rights commission (10,627) followed by minorities commission (2,490), women’s commission (826), nomadic castes and tribes commission (825) and child rights commission (410).

Posts in the state human rights commission had been vacant since February 2012, and its chairman and members were finally appointed last week. The women’s commission has been headless since 2009.

“There is no recourse for people suffering injustices because these statutory bodies that have been set up to address such complaints are vacant for years,” said the letter. It also requested Pawar to hold a meeting with Chavan to sort out this issue.

“This letter is a slap in the face of other BJP leaders who are now saying they will file RTI queries to find out which files are pending, which affect Pawar. One of their senior-most leaders wanted the NCP chief to intervene,’’ said NCP spokesperson Nawab Malik.