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Usmeet Kaur, Hindustan Times
September 20, 2013
After a gap of 25 long years, Mahabharata makes a comeback. To be aired on Star Plus, the series promises to unfold the untold. Produced by Siddharth Kumar Tewary, Mahabharata stars actor Sayantani Ghosh (playing Satyavati), who was at Hotel Taj, Sector 17, on Thursday, to talk about the show.

“There is no doubt that the previous series could hook viewers to an extent that the roads would be visibly deserted at the time of it being aired. But then, how many serials were on-air at the time? Nowadays, forget Mahabharata, I don’t think any serial can have that impact. ‘N’ number of soaps are being aired on TV these days. People are spoilt for choice,” says the actor.


Ghosh came to the fore with her character, Amrita, in tele-serial Naagin. Talking about her latest character, of Satyavati, she shares that this Mahabharata opens with her character’s story, which did not get much importance in the old serial.
“Satyavati, who was the queen of king Shantanu of Hastinapur and the great-grandmother of prince Pandava and prince Kaurava, had a significant role in the mythological saga, which people don’t know about. People think Mahabharata is only about Pandavas and Kauravas, which is not true. It has much more to it, which today’s youth should know about,” says she.

Comparing the old and new Mahabharata, Ghosh says, “I know comparisons are inevitable, but I believe every maker has his own perspective. This series has been made keeping the youth of the contemporary world in mind.”

Signing off, she says, “The makers could not take out the epic’s flavour, but we have tried to strike a balance. Nothing is over-the-top and a youngster can relate to it. I advise them to watch the show to know more about the Indian mythological saga.”