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Serena Menon, Hindustan Times
Mumbai, September 20, 2013
If you consider yourself a part of Mumbai’s live music scene, you have to know who Bling Uncle is”: this is what I was told a few years ago, when a veteran from the circuit shared stories (even myths) of the man called, Bling Uncle. Some say he has attended a gig every night of his life; others say he was born in a nightclub. All I know is that there’s rarely an event in town that he isn’t spotted at.

Dressed in bright headgear, shutter shades and a heavy dose of bling, he is what his moniker says he is — full of swagger and the uncrowned ambassador of the city’s nightlife. Unfortunately, Bling Uncle, or Mahavir (his real name) isn’t very happy these days. His single relationship status has been coming in the way of his dedication towards partying. His reason, and a very valid one, is simple: stag entry isn’t as easy as it used to be.

He has been doing his bit by wearing T-shirts announcing his requirement for a female partner. Then, earlier this week, someone put his search up on the Internet. The YouTube video called ‘Mahavir needs a wife’ shows Bling Uncle, in an orange cap and sunglasses, devouring a cup of ice cream, when a voice asks him, “How’re you doing Mahavir? Enjoying your ice cream?” To which, he says, “I need a wife.”

He then shares his phone number and further describes his need: “I like going to the club, dancing to trance and techno music and she should also like the same. I don’t want somebody homely, sari-clad (laughs). Somebody who can give me company, get me couple entry in the clubs like F.Bar.” He adds, “Anybody in distress also, I will get married to her. Maybe depressed or maybe in a situation like Jiah Khan, where you are pregnant, you don’t want to drop the child and the boyfriend deserted you. I will give the child my name. Even if you’re not dancing, you just give me company so I can go to the big, big clubs like China House, LIV and F.Bar and Tryst...”

When you start watching this video, you’re half expecting it to leave a grin on your face — something that Bling Uncle’s zest for life always does. Instead, it does the opposite. It gives you a reality check (and not in the best manner). But what it also does, is give you a glimpse into the life of this unrelenting spirit who refuses to give up on Mumbai’s nightlife. And that right there is what makes him, and in turn, this city so endearing.

I know this city will be more than happy to have more of him lighting up the scene for the next generation, so I do hope Mahavir finds a partner. But this search of his should not be called a ‘cause’. Those promoting his video may have done so with good intentions, but he’s not a project, really. He’s just another person looking for someone to dance with. Aren’t we all?