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New Delhi, September 23, 2013
Bigg Boss contestant Rajat Rawail wants to quit the reality show. Recently, when Bigg Boss offered a wishing well for Jannatwasis, Rajat was left teary-eyed remembering his eight-year-old daughter Gehna.

On the episode to be aired on Monday night, the Bollywood actor will be seen requesting Bigg Boss to let him out of the house as he is not able to bear the lack of food.

In the coming episode, Tanisha, Sangram and Andy will try to calm down the Bodyguard actor but they will become the target of his frustation. Whether or not he leaves the house at such an early stage remains to be seen.

But considering the way Bigg Boss house inmates normally behave, this might be just another attention-seeking tantrum instead of a genuine problem.

Rajat has worked with Salman Khan in Bodyguard (2011).