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Agence France-Presse
September 25, 2013
Animal and wildlife lovers with £267,000 in pocket change are being offered a travel itinerary that includes swimming with sharks in Belize, polar bear-watching in northern Canada and hanging out with gorillas in Rwanda.
From ultra-luxury British website VeryFirstTo — the same folks who created an epic gastronomic tour of all 109 three Michelin-starred restaurants in the world — comes another odyssey-like travel package that will take one couple to the most stunning wildlife destinations on the planet.

The wildlife tour will touch down in 17 destinations on every continent over the course of four months, and stays average about a week at each stop. The duo will stay in luxury accommodations and embark on guided tours in some of the most iconic and remote corners of the Earth, including the Amazon rainforest, the Great Barrier Reef, the Galapagos Islands, the Antarctic and bamboo forests in China.

The £267,000 (about US$428,134) travel package includes the cost of travel, airport transfers, accommodations and guided tours.

For serious nature and wildlife lovers, National Geographic is also offering wildlife tours by private jet in 2014. Its 23-day expedition includes stops in Rwanda, Borneo, Nepal and Madagascar and is led by zoologists, naturalists and conservationists in the field.

Here’s a list of all 17 stops included in the VeryFirstTo travel itinerary:

1.   Amazon rainforest
2.   Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, Belize
3.   Parque Nacional Madidi, Bolivia
4.   Great Barrier Reef, Australia
5.   Botswana
6.   Piedras Blancas National Park, Costa Rica
7.   Everglades National Park, USA
8.   Kenya
9.   Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
10.  Madagascar
11.  Bako National Park, Malaysian Borneo
12.  Yellowstone National Park, USA
13.  Churchill, Canada
14.  Foping National Nature Reserve, China
15.  Antarctica
16.  Alaska
17.  Rwanda

For more info visit http://veryfirstto.com/.