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New Delhi, September 26, 2013
Gauhar Khan and Kushal Tandon are new Jannatwasis

After Bigg Boss asks Gauhar to name two Jahannumwasis who did their best during the weekly task, she names Kushal and herself, sparking a debate amongst the inmates. While Kamya feels taking her own name was unfair on Gauhar's part, Pratyusha feels that Gauhar took the names so that she can continue staying with Kushal. 

On the other hand, Andy and Sangram are the new inhabitants of Jahannum. Later, near midnight, the wild card entry model Asif Azim makes a dramatic entry emerging out of the swimming pool.

Earlier in the day, Rajat and Armaan will be seen locking horns over names to be nominated for being sent to jahannum. Later, Armaan also picks up a fight with Andy over the same issue.

During the day, Rajat's health gets worse and Rajat is called inside the confession room for a doctor's check-up. Rajat gets the medical attention only after the other house inmates put forth their demands violently.