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Afua Hirsch, Hindustan Times
September 27, 2013
Scores more bodies are believed to be buried under rubble in Kenya’s Westgate shopping mall as gruesome details continued to emerge on Wednesday from the aftermath of the four-day terrorist siege.
As one morgue in Nairobi said it was preparing for up to 160 new corpses, an intelligence source told the Guardian there was evidence that the number of bodies buried under rubble could be in the hundreds, adding that at least one attacker was still engaged in conflict with security forces inside the mall, five days after the shopping centre was stormed on a busy Saturday morning.

One attacker is still alive,” said the source, who is involved in the rescue operation inside Westgate, and who asked not to be named, adding: “There were 200 workers in Nakumatt (supermarket) and 800 people shopping. The walls of Nakumatt collapsed. There are a lot of bodies inside.”

Interpol warrant against ‘white widow’

Interpol issued a global arrest warrant for British terror suspect Samantha Lewthwaite, dubbed the ‘White Widow’, at Kenya’s request. Lewthwaite, 29, is the wife of one of the four suicide bombers, Jermaine Lindsay, involved in the terror attacks in London in July 2005 in which 52 people were killed.

Al Shabab attacks

Al Shabab attacked a security post near the Somali border Thursday and killed two police officers, while promising the violence would continue until Kenyan troops were withdrawn from Somalia. Ahmed Godane Shaykh Mukhtar Abu Zubayr, group’s leader, warned Kenya there was no way they could “withstand a war of attrition.”