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HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, September 29, 2013
Rahul Gandhi's outright rejection of the controversial ordinance designed to protect convicted lawmakers from disqualification earned the approval of some while many scoffed at his rather abrupt outburst.

"My opinion of the ordinance is that it is complete nonsense and should be torn up and thrown away," said the Congress vice-president on Friday of a piece of legislation steered by the PM and widely thought to have the backing of top Congress leaders.

People took to Twitter and other social networking sites to express their views on the issue. Comments ranged from people accusing Gandhi of undermining the prime minister to some saying that his reaction was due to an overdose of Bournvita.

Polls conducted by the Hindustan Times, sought the views of the readers on Gandhi's reaction. While a majority of voters believed Gandhi has hurt his image, about one-third of them believed that he has improved it. On the question whether Rahul Gandhi appeared stronger or weaker after criticising UPA government, most of the voters felt that he appeared weaker. Here are the results.