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Richa Srivastava , Hindustan Times
Lucknow, September 30, 2013
The Aishbagh Ramlila, one of the oldest in the city, will raise its digital quotient this year. The epic play is all set to hit the web platform and get global audience during the festive season. Efforts are on to have a live telecast of it on a website that is being designed by the organisers.

Harish Chandra Agarwal, secretary of the Shree Ram Leela Samiti Aishbagh, said: “The website is being designed. And if all goes well, we would launch it on October 5, when the season’s Ramlila begins. The idea is to enable people to view the episodes being enacted on the stage live on their computer screens and mobile phones from anywhere and everywhere.”

What’s more? The organisers plan to make it a larger-than-life event with hi-tech equipments this year. Making a debut at the Ramlila venue would be LED screens, laser lights and other multimedia effects to add to its grandeur.

“LED walls would replace the ordinary curtains to give depth and 3-D effect to the scenes. The screens would be used to give special effects in scenes depicting supernatural effects, changing sizes of Meghnath, scenes where spirits would be shown leaving the body, flying Hanuman crossing the river, Lakshman Rekha scene etc,” said Agarwal.

Electronic circuits, elaborate sets and appealing light & sound effects would be another feature of the Ramlila at Aishbagh.

“The stage would be a replica of the Badridham. The idea is to give a new theme to the play every time,” said the organisers.

Another major attraction at the Ramlila grounds would be the largest-ever effigy of Ravan that would be burnt on Dussehra.

“Ravan would be 120-ft-tall with movable hands and head. It would be based on a theme that would be disclosed only a day before Dussehra,” said the organisers.

The organisers feel that with changing times, innovations are a must for the age-old Ramlilas. Such effects attract young audience and introduce them to the rich mythology.

It is believed that the Aishbagh Ramlila was started during the regime of Akbar.

People even say that Tulsi Das, the author of ‘Ramcharitamanas’ started the Ramlila here when he came to Lucknow for the ‘Chaumasa’ celebrations.

Nawab Asaf-ud-Daula too visited the venue to see the Ramlila and even donated land so that Ramlila could also be performed at other places.