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Vishakha Saxena, Hindustantimes.com
New Delhi, September 30, 2013
When Lalu Prasad spoke, you could be sure he would make you laugh. His jokes, his speeches, the way he spoke English and his mannerisms earned themselves the name 'Laluisms'. On Monday, though, the tables turned. Twitter jokes on the senior Bihar politician started flowing as soon as he was convicted by a court in Ranchi in the fodder scam. "Lalu's arrest provides Food Security Bill to cattles #FodderScam" tweeted Ankur Mishra (@iAnkurMishra).

The running themes on Twitter ranged from humour to pure sarcasm. Though some tried to discuss the politics behind it, others only found entertainment in it. "Is Lalu's sentence a case of bovine intervention?" tweeted Viraj Padiyar (@virajpadiyar).

#Lalu, Laloo, Jail and #FodderScam were on fire as Twitter trends, with thousands of tweets to their name. While some users kept their jokes specific to the verdict itself, others simply cracked random jokes like "heard that Ranchi Jail inmates welcomed Lalu as Bigg Boss 6 inmates had welcomed Siddhu #ComicRelief" (@TweetZaade).

At the end of the day however, it were the puns that took the cake. Twitter was filled with puns on Lalu, his speeches and one liners dedicated to him. "Meanwhile, RJD workers and Lalu's supporters are demanding a ban on the use of potatoes in Samosas. #Jail" tweeted Jaideep Pandey. (@PandeyJaideep)

It was, however, the cow-connection that had the most puns to its name. "Lalu now pleading for ban on cow's laughter" tweeted one user (@TheOddfather101), while "Q) What did Laloo say when the Judge pronounced him guilty in #FodderScam? A) Bhains ki aankh. #RJD #Lalu" tweeted another. (@Witticisms_)

However, somewhere within the sea of jokes there were some who kept it serious. "So, will the 900 crore be recovered from the convicts now? Otherwise, 4-5 years in jail is no big deal. It's a fabulous trade-off. #lalu" tweeted Satbir Singh (@thesatbir).

Many expressed satisfaction that the famous and the influential don't always get away.

Some serious tweets here and there aside, twitterati were on a roll. Seemed like, for twitverse it wasn't the verdict or the scam itself that jokes were about, they were simply a trigger. The joke was on simply, Lalu himself.

Here are some select tweets for your dose of laughter for the day: