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HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times
FATEHGARH SAHIB, September 30, 2013
The North American Association (NAPA) has urged the Government of India to take a serious note of attacks on Indians in Australia, which has been growing in numbers day-by-day. NAPA executive director Satnam Singh Chahal in a statement said the Indian government should intervene in to the matter to stop such racial attacks on the Indian community abroad, otherwise there would go on unabated.

Chahal's reaction came after the reports of recent racial attack on an Indian student, Satya, who went to study architecture in Queensland.

He was allegedly brutally attacked by a gang near Brisbane around 8 pm on Saturday while returning home with his friends.

Condemning the attack, Chahal said a group of 6-7 white men insulted him on the road and pulled him out of his group. The assaulted him brutally and stabbed broken beer bottle on his chest and stomach repeatedly, added Chahal.

Chahal said his white friends tried to save him, but they were just three and the attackers soon overpowered them. The public just watched the incident instead of intervening, but later informed police as Satya was bleeding profusely, he said, adding that the attackers soon left the spot on their motorcycles.

Satya is in critical condition, his stomach has been torn and he sustained severe injuries in his chest.

Chahal said the attack came after a spate of similar attacks in the past targeting Indians, especially students studying in Australia.

He urged the government to put pressure on the Australia government to take all necessary measures to protect the life and property of the Indians living in Australia.