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Sweta Kaushal, Hindustantimes.com
New Delhi, October 02, 2013
In a teaser for tonight's episode, Shilpa Agnihotri is seen loosing her cool and getting violent after Apoorva is given a haircut as part of the weekly luxury budget task.

While you may not like a particular hairstyle on your husband, just a different hair-cut does not qualify for throwing things around, shouting and crying.

Shilpa and Apoorva are the third couple that we have seen inside the Bigg Boss house till date.

Last year, we saw Delnaz Irani, who behaved too good to be true from the beginning, began to lose her cool, sometimes at the ex-husband (Rajev) or for him.

Earlier, in season 3, we saw Tanaaz and Bakhtiyar Irani in the Bigg Boss house. Tanaaz was often seen fighting with her husband for one or the other game that someone in the house was playing.