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New Delhi, October 03, 2013
Even as the inmates try to manipulate the exchange of Jahannumwasis and Jannatwasis, Bigg Boss gives yet another shock to them on tonight's episode.

Bigg Boss asks Kamya and Kushal to name the two best and worst performers from each side. Jahannumwasis give the names of Apoorvas and Elli as the best and worst performer repsectively while Shilpa is the bext performer fropm Jannat.

Asif is named the worst performer from Jannat. Every Jannaywasi except Shilpa is asked to pack up and move to Jahannum while each Jahannumwasi except Elli is sent to Jannat.

http://www.hindustantimes.com/Images/popup/2013/10/GauharKushalLoveBiggBoss7.jpgMeanwhile, Kushal seems to be madly in love with Gauahar. We have seen him giving her a neck massage, a leg massage, playing thumb wrestling with her and now this. He can definitely write a book on how to be a lover boy. Kushal sleeps hugging Gauahar’s jacket. Isn’t that cute?

Later in the day, Bigg Boss announces that Tanisha loses her captaincy as she is now in Jahannum.

Catch the episode at 9pm tonight.