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Faizan Haidar, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, October 05, 2013
The domestic worker who was rescued from a upscale south Delhi colony on Monday with grave injuries was allegedly forced to drink urine by her employers.

The teenager shared the grisly details of her torture by employer Vandana Dhir, an executive at a French corporation, with her mother who she met on Friday after three years.

“(My employer) forced me to drink urine, kept me naked in the bathroom and would singe me with a frying pan and hit me with a broom,” the girl said. “She would laugh after beating me,” she added. The girl repeated the details of her abuse in a statement given to the magistrate later in the day.

Her mother had reached the city early on Friday and met her daughter at Safdarjung hospital, where she is being treated.

The girl, who had been showing little emotion till now, cried on seeing her mother. They were unable to communicate, however. The teenager has forgotten Santhali, and her mother does not speak Hindi. A neighbour, who was accompanying the mother, helped them share their emotions.

“She was a good-looking girl when I sent her to Delhi. What the woman has done to her? I will take her back and will never let her come here,” the girl’s mother, a widow, said. She earns a mere Rs. 150 a day and has to take care of three children and her in-laws.

“An area resident had promised that she would get my daughter employed as a domestic worker. He never allowed me to contact her and paid Rs. 15,000 in three years. I couldn’t forgive myself for sending her here,” she added. One of her daughters works as a domestic worker in Mumbai.

“Did you buy a bicycle for my brother?” asked the girl, who thought that her monthly salary over the past three years went to her mother. Her mother wants strict punishment for Dhir.