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Agence France-Presse
October 05, 2013
J is for Jaws, if your children's book is written by Damien Hirst.

The 1995 Turner Prize winner has turned his hand to educational material for tots -- sprinkled with a typographical bent -- illustrating each letter of the alphabet with one of his own appropriately named artworks.

A shark sunk in formaldehyde, a diamond-encrusted skull, butterflies pinned to an orange background, and a giant-size reconstruction of an anatomically correct head-and-torso cutaway are brought into play.

Each letter's annotation is then written in a font beginning with the same letter: A is in Albertus, B in Baskerville, and so on.

The £15 hardback (going for $22.50 in the US) was released this week by Hirst's own retailer, Other Criteria, and joins the likes of "Go the F**k to Sleep," "All My Friends are Dead" and "OMG That's Not My Child," as part of a recent rash of children's books that parents may prefer to keep to themselves -- at least until their offspring are old enough to understand.