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Press Trust Of India
New Delhi, October 06, 2013
BJP tops the poll expenditurecharts for the last Lok Sabha elections, having spent more money than all other political parties including the Congress. According to the statements of poll expenditure submitted by the parties to the Election Commission, the BJP spent Rs. 448.66 crore in the last general elections and yet lost the race to power.

The ruling Congress spent Rs. 380.04 crore, which is Rs. 68.62 crore less than the poll expenditure of the opposition party.

Of the total BJP's poll expenditure, Rs. 162. 68 crore was spent by the party central office while another Rs. 285.98 crore expenditure was incurred at the level of states.

The analysis of the 2009 Lok Sabha election expenditure statements submitted by various political parties to the poll body reveals interesting details about the funds they received from different sources, with majority of donations being in cash rather than through transparent means of funding.

Data analysis shows that only 24 per cent of the total election funding the Congress received was made through cheques and demand drafts, the remaining being in cash. The BJP, however, received close to half (49 per cent) through cheques and demand drafts.

The Congress received a total of Rs. 313.74 crore of poll funding during the last Lok Sabha election period.

Of this, a whopping Rs. 237.36 crore was received by the party in cash and only Rs. 76.38 crore came in cheques and demand drafts which are accounted for by the donors.

The BJP received total election funding worth Rs. 478.61 crore through cheques and demand drafts. The remaining Rs. 239.73 crore was received by the BJP in cash at both the central and state levels. The CAG, Shunglu Committee and CVC had found alleged financial irregularities in number of CWG projects implemented by Delhi government.

Goel also alleged that a number of schemes such as Rajiv Ratna Awas Yojna for offering low-cost houses to poor were announced by Delhi Government and money was charged but nothing was delivered.

"Such cases would be looked into and action would be taken against those responsible for misleading common people.

"Several cases of irregularities such as transport scam, Yamuna cleaning scam, Slum rehabilitation scam, ration card scam which have been brushed under the carpet will be taken to their logical conclusion. No one, however influential that ?will be spared if he or she has done anything wrong and betrayed the trust and faith of the common people," Goel said.

Indicating that BJP will initiate probe into CWG irregularities, Goel said the commission will look into all recommendations of Lokayukta, PAC and CAG into various alleged bunglings in?the last 15 years.

"The Accountability Commission will go into all the recommendations of Lokayukta, PAC and CAG during 15 years of Congress rule. It will also go into records of the Delhi government's Anti-Corruption Bureau and Vigilance wing.

We have come to know the Congress government has deliberately brushed under the carpet several cases involving billions of rupees of corruption," the BJP leader said.

"The Accountability Commission will be a permanent watchdog and will ensure that whoever may be in power should be held accountable. This would help to make administration free of corruption, efficient and more people friendly," he added.