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HT Correspondent , Hindustan Times
Chandigarh, October 10, 2013
Taking serious view of habitual drunk-driving offenders, the Chandigarh Police have decided to attach the previous record of motorists, before sending their challan to the local court.  
The previous record of the ones being challaned for drunk driving would be checked before forwarding it to the court.

Elaborating, UT SSP Maneesh Chaudhry said, "We have started the process of attaching the previous record of the erring driver in case he is being caught for drunk driving twice or thrice. This is being done to apprise the court about the reality of the offender, so that strict punishment can be awarded to repeated offenders."

Chaudhry said, "As per the Motor Vehicle Act, if you are caught twice for an offence within three years then you can face harsher punishment."

He added that first-time offenders could be fined up to `2,000 and sentenced till rising of the court.

"We are even requesting the court for convicting serious offender's up to three months' imprisonment, apart from fine. For habitual offenders, we are recommending imprisonment up to six months, apart from fine of `5,000," Chaudhry added.

According to statistics, of 1,218 persons challaned for drunk driving from January to March this year, 280 were made to stand till the rising of court, under which violators have to stand for nearly eight hours till the court proceedings conclude for the day.

Last year, only 220 violators were made to serve the punishment.

Chaudhry added taking the wheel after more than 60-ml alcohol would invite trouble. The residents should take a driver if they wish to drink.

UT inspector general of police RP Upadhyaya said, "We cannot let innocent drivers suffer due to those mixing drinks with driving. In the case of repeated offenders, we have recommended cancellation of their licences."