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Sweta Kaushal, Hindustantimes.com
New Delhi, October 12, 2013
In the weekly evictions tonight, Asif is likely to be sent out of the house. 

The show has often been blamed for being orchestrated and speculation for tonight's eviction, too can be based on the allegation. Of the names that were nominated this week, Asif has been least entertaining.

While Ratan and Pratyusha may not have been the best bets for getting TRPs for the channel, they have had their share of footage. Be it fighting with Andy, showing courage to dip herself in cow-dung (Ratan Rajput) or being jealous of Kushal-Gauhar's relation on-screen, both the TV actors have contributed fairly to controversies and buzz around the reality show.

Armaan is the best bet among those nominated, and hence least likely to be evicted tonight. While he captured major on-air time with his short-temper from the beginning, he now has the added footage of flirting scenes with Tanisha.

Asif, on the other hand, started off well, flirting with Gauhar. But has not been able to keep up with the pace of the show.