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Sahil Magoo, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, October 13, 2013
While most of us are busy fighting awkwardness and acne during teenage, 15-year-old Dwija Vashisht has done what not many an adult can muster the will
to do - 'write a book'. The young Delhi girl’s debut title, 'The World from the Eye of a Child', revolves around Nitya — a seven-year-old who feels her life is complicated, and aspires to be like her elder sister Neha, who excels in every field.
As the story unfolds, you get to know more about Nitya and the problems that she faces at school and at home.

Amid the ups and downs, Nitya — being an inquisitive child — makes a discovery that gives her ‘seemingly desolate’ life a purpose.

As the plot progresses, she wants her sister to be her confidante and it’s up to Neha whether she would help Nitya in her endeavours or cut short
her dreams.

Throughout the novel, the language remains simple and is supported well with illustrations.

The love-hate relationship between siblings, the complex world of a child and her longing for a pet are some of the themes evident in this interesting read.

"Thankfully, my school board (CBSE) does not give me board exam stress, so I could write the book ... there were a lot of starts and stops and blocks, but I’m glad it all worked out in the end," says Vashisht.