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Mumbai, October 14, 2013
Living away from home, and have just an electric kettle as a cooking aid? Get over eggs or noodles, and add flavour in your life with these fun and no-fuss recipes that can turn a dull night into a party. Chilli Pepper Rice
Ingredients: 200gm rice, 50gm ginger, 30gm garlic, 50gm Chinese cabbage, 30ml refined oil, 1 bay leaf, 10gm fresh chilli, 10gm green coriander, 20ml spring onion, 100ml vegetable stock/water, salt and pepper to taste
Method: Soak long-grain rice in cold water for 20 minutes. Take oil and add bay leaf, and chopped ginger and garlic (ginger-garlic paste can also be used) in a kettle. Add rice and sauté for 20 minutes and add sliced chilli. Add vegetable stock or water. Cover kettle and let it cook for 20 minutes. Add roughly cut Chinese cabbage and spring onion. Season it with salt and pepper. Garnish with chopped coriander.
By chef Nishant Choubey, Dusit Devarana

Chicken Cacciatore
400gm chicken cut into pieces, 200ml tomato sauce, 1gm saffron, 50ml olive oil, 40gm baby potato, 30gm mushroom, 20gm carrot, 30gm small onion, 1 bunch thyme, salt and pepper to taste
Method: Add olive oil in a kettle and sear chicken pieces till it gets golden brown on the skin. Add roughly cut carrot, mushroom, onion, baby potato to the chicken. Add tomato sauce and saffron strands. Add a bunch of thyme or any fresh herb available. Cover the kettle and let it cook for 45 minutes. Add seasoning. Stew is ready to be served with brown bread or rice.
By chef Nishant Choubey

Deviled Eggs
2 hard-boiled eggs, 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise, 1 tablespoon of mustard, salt and pepper to taste
Method: Boil eggs. Cut them in half, lengthwise, and remove yolks. Combine yolks, mayo and mustard in bowl. Mix them together until they have a smooth, paste-like consistency. To put the yolk mixture back into the whites, we cut a hole in the corner of a ziploc bag (to create a pastry bag) and pipe it evenly into each egg white. If you do not want to go through this trouble, you can just scoop the mixture in with a spoon. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.
By dormroomdelights.weebly.com

Asparagus-Pasta Salad
10-12 stalks of asparagus, 100gm pasta, 1/2 red pepper, 1 lemon, a few salad leaves, salt and pepper to taste
Method: Put asparagus in a kettle of boiling water (in a netting bag if available) and cook for 2-3 minutes or until the tips are tender. After cooking it to a tender-crisp texture, immerse it in cold water and drain. Take some water in the kettle, add a few drops of oil and boil pasta in it. Drain and allow it to cool to room temperature. Combine pasta and asparagus. Add lemon juice and seasoning. Arrange on a platter with salad leaves and enjoy it cold. You can use other vegetables like beans, carrots, mushrooms and peas, in place of asparagus or in conjunction.
By chef Saurabh Chandel, Crowne Plaza Today

Sweet Corn Pasta
100gm butter, 30gm garlic, half lemon, a few coriander strands, 100gm pasta, salt and pepper to taste
Method: Boil sweet corn and toss them with melted butter. Add chopped garlic, lemon, salt, pepper and keep it on the side. Take some water in a kettle and boil pasta in it. Add a few drops of oil. Cover with a lid and let it cook on its own. Drain the pasta and allow it to cool to room temperature. Now, melt butter in the kettle and add cream and cheese and stir it until cheese melts and sauce thickens. Now add the prepared pasta and corn to it. Add pepper and salt to taste. Garnish it with fresh coriander.
By chef Cyrus Irani, Hard Rock Café